Kenn Colt, hapiness producer

Kenn Colt, hapiness producer

With a six hour difference and thanks to an opportune message on Instagram, on Monday I had the pleasure of talking with music producer and DJ Kenn Colt. It was evident from the start of that Kenn with his big smile had one goal in mind: making people happy with music. Specialized in deep house, he started his year with the single Feels like a river, which by today has 2.2 million plays on Spotify, and he’ll soon play in festivals like We are Electric and Ultra in Seoul.  

First, click play to get in the festive mood, then read on.


I never thought that I would get this far, by just doing my thing - Kenn Colt

Kenn Colt never imagined that when he started in his bedroom in Belgium he would sign a deal with a powerhouse like Warner Music. This partnership gives him energy, with them he can bring “ten times more” than he could do before with his music.

He has played in big and small venues, from groups of a hundred people to festivals like Tomorroland. Kenn has toured Europe, Sri Lanka and North America and tells that every time is the same feeling:

It’s sometimes a scary feeling, for example the Dreamville stage (Tomorrowland) there was 25,000 people. A little bit scary, but once you play your first song, and your second song and then you just go with the crowd and you see that the crowd is happy. You just play on this element… Their (the crowd’s) energy that they save for a full year it explodes, and that’s how it feels. - Kenn Colt

Even if the feeling is constant, every time is different. Kenn says that the reaction of the audience is what dictates what he plays, because above all he looks for the máximum happiness of those who listen. He starts with the first couple of songs in mind, but then gets lead by those reactions.

I just want to bring happiness to people and see people smile at the end of my show. That’s the biggest goal I have in all my sets. - Kenn Colt


The search of happiness by music is what takes Kenn Colt take a turn on his music this year. His stay as a DJ in Pacha World Tours in Ibiza inspired him to experiment with his music and change:

I knew that deep house was bringing more happiness …That’s the reason that I changed, because I want to bring the maximum happiness to everyone’s life. Music is a part of what makes people happy. - Kenn Colt

We start with the beach mode with the single Feels like a river (the music video is up there, click pause on the playlist and watch it…we’ll wait). This song was called a “soon-to-be anthem” by DJ Mag and this song, with its carpe diem lyrics, is made to be a beach song. We can also expect soon from Kenn a remix with Chris Brown and Benny Benassi from their song paradise, which you can actually listen today in his Feels like Home weekly podcast (it’s in #016).

Enjoy the ride, as we’re all passengers.
- Feels like a river by Kenn Colt ft. Michael McCrae

Kenn’s inspiration at the moment is the summer, a season that brings him much joy. Traveling to different cultures is another source of inspiration for him, and getting to know new elements. This is one of the reasons he wants to someday go South America, a places he has yet to visit (we’ll wait for you over here). Running is also another of his inspirations, but more than that it helps him clears his mind from all the information overload of the day, and helps him make music

When asking Kenn about the future he says he lives day-by-day, focused in giving his fans the best of himself. Plus, when asked who he would like to collab with, that he hasn't yet, he said that one on his list is Sam Felt (Sam, you've been to Santo Domingo he has the seal of approval).

Source of this and first photo:

Source of this and first photo:

I have to admit, Kenn Colt had an energy and joy during the whole interview so contagious that even at 7,342 kms away (yes, I googled it) I felt it. An energy I imagine exponentiates while playing live, and that’s because you can tell it’s his passion. That’s why in Conv de Sobremesa we are convinced, and more now after talking to him, that we’ll hear a lot-lot more from the music producer and DJ: Kenn Colt. I’ll leave you with a final quote:

I just love music and I’ve always been addicted to music when I was younger…I’m always excited when it’s about music. It’s my passion and you never get enough from things that you live for. - Kenn Colt

Apart from all the links left in the post, you can also find him in instagram, facebook, spotify, soundcloud, itunes weekly podcast, website, cellphone number (this one I'm kidding). So go and have a listen. 

Kenn Colt, productor de felicidad

Kenn Colt, productor de felicidad

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